Our Team is skilled at providing expert and personalized services - they will free your thoughts about all the complex and confusing aspects related to equity investing, right from choosing investment candidates to corporate actions like bonus, dividends and your tax aspects.

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In Pursuit of next Mega-trends! - Our aim is to identify, invest and dynamically manage a portfolio of few such businesses that can become really big in future. We prefer finding companies that have carved a moat or barrier of entry around their business that can keep competitors at bay.


Our goal is to identify and invest at early stages of undervalued, unpopular companies that overtime due to their uniqueness, greatness and scarcity of shares has the potential to get overvalued and popular.Moat has a history of identifying several multi-baggers investment ideas in its nascent stage.


MOAT, believes in wealth creation by constructing and managing a portfolio of shares of handpicked Indian businesses run by visionary leaders that has the ability to become the ‘next big thing’ by creating a barrier of entry or a niche behavior in the larger space.