The Team

Suraj Nair

Research and Fund Management

Books, travel, and family are his all time love. Being a software engineer, he has been handling international projects and had his chance to deeply analyse the working mode of fund management corporations. Once back in Kerala, he revamped his career with portfolio management services and is living his passion for equity markets since then. Nair, an adept spokesperson and leader, is all set go reap magic in Moat after the super spell he had as Vice President for reputed portfolio managers.


Biju John

Investor Relationships

A management professional with two decades of experience in capital market and retail sector, John is an expert in understanding the investors side of story. Innovations and promotions, maintaining investor relationships, taking a deep peek into the marketing aspects, and managing accounts are his specializations.

Swathikrishna Vinay

Operations and Fund Management

Youngest in the crop, Swathikrishna is all about energy and liveliness. He has a flair for capital markets and is looking after the Operations team at Moat. Alumnus of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, he has worked in a leading corporate for over two years prior to joining Moat and is spearheading the company's vision of value investing and holding hands with our associates to scale new heights.


Naresh Gilda

Marketing and Strategy

With an in-depth knowledge of business in India, Naresh takes care of the marketing arm as well as strategy division. An engineer with a decade year old experience in the industrial and financial fields, one can assert that he is the most trustable financial advisor in the investment space, who loves the company of passionate and dedicated folks around.

Shafnas Siddiq

Business Development

A management consultant focusing on operational excellence and technology transformation, Shafnas has worked on many strategic initiatives across industry domains to design, implement and continuously evolve business aligned operating models in India, Middle East and Europe. He holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras and a General Management certification from IIM Ahmedabad. He believes that knowledge and innovation is the key to any successful business and is highly enthusiastic about value investing.